Our Company Export Floor Decking Plate

Our Company Export Floor Decking Plate
Jul 18th, 2023

Recently, the company has received feedback from many customers that they want to add a steel structure platform inside the steel structure workshop on the basis of the original steel structure workshop. 


Our company provides customers with a bolting method to build platform beams. The steel structure columns have been For the floor deck, the customer chose the V555 model of the closed deck deck for the beauty of the steel structure platform.

Our company designs different schemes for customers according to the situation of unused workshops, and strives to maximize the space of customers' steel structure workshops.

Our company specializes in the production of steel structure warehouse, steel structure platforms, steel structure iron towers, and prefabricated steel structure warehouse. Welcome to contact us.

If you also have such needs, please contact us:


Email: info@qdssr.com

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