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Nearly ten years since SINCERE established, we always focused on the steel structure building area and engaged in steel structure workshop,warehouse,Prefab house, modular house, poultry house&equipment, Intelligent house system.
Over ten years rapid development, SINCERE has finished nearly 80 successful projects and accumulated the rich experience in steel structure Designing, manufacturing and installation.
Courtyard, residence and warehouse are all areas we serve you. Fences, tables, chairs, doors and windows etc. you can tell us any Wrought-iron works you think of, We create new solutions, reliable and sustainable, that improve life and well-being.










Wholeheartedly serve you.

Every day, our engineers collaborate and innovate to bring simplicity, security, and comfortable to your daily life. that we can guarantee you efficient, long-lasting products. But now, it’s your turn! Do you have a suggestion regarding a new product or how to improve our products? Visit our interactive website to share your ideas!


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We act for green

We strive to improve all living conditions, to ensure they are safer and more comfortable, and more environmentally-friendly.

1. We act in favor of more efficient buildings, and for the wellbeing of their inhabitants. We take into account the environmental impact of our solutions throughout their life cycles.

2. We act in favor of eco-designed products. Every day, the main concern of all our teams is for a greener and more sustainable environment worldwide.

3. We act in favor of more responsible practices.


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Choose Good Quality

To guarantee their quality and longevity, we perform producing and inspections according to a rigorous process. and support the detection of third-party inspection institutions.

By your side every day!

Because quality products require efficient services, we support you throughout your projects with:
1. We have agents in some areas, which can solve problems for you in time.
2. Online services to better meet your needs (quote requests, videos and instruction manuals).
3. A customer service hotline to answer your questions.

Advocate convenience and green

Materials are recyclable. Our series of products can be combined freely, customized, and can also provide you with a full set of solutions. Iron products can also be used by brands and other manufacturers. Find out more about all our products.

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You can trust us

We ensure that your personal data is kept secure. Protecting and respecting your privacy is our priority!