Steel Warehouse with H beam

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_0004_Tanzania Steel Structure Warehouse-11
_0006_Tanzania Steel Structure Warehouse-9
_0009_Tanzania Steel Structure Warehouse-6
_0011_Tanzania Steel Structure Warehouse-4
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Steel Warehouse with H beam

Steel structure workshop with H beam
Structure type: portal frame
Area: 1500m2
Project details: 1.Grinding compartment, size: 30*50*6m; without crane; roof is 0.5mm steel sheet.

Warehouse have louver to ensure the ventilation system.

Light steel portal frame without crane, wall system is 0.5mm thick horizontal steel cladding Roof system is steel cladding The eave has parapet around with 2mm galvanized gutter, all steel structure is painted H beam

Main Steel Framework: H section steel column and beam with 2 times mid-grey anti-rusting painting. Galvanized C purlin for roof

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Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant Description:

Prefabricated steel structure warehouse is a new type of building structure system,which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Light steel structure building is widely used in warehouses, workshops, large factories, and so on.

Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant Materials:

1. The main frame (columns and beams) is made of welded H-style steel.

2. The columns are connected with the foundation by pre- embedding anchor bolt.

3. The beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with high intensity bolts.

4. The envelop construction net is made of cold form C-style purins.

5. The wall and roof are made of color steel board or color steel sandwich panels, which

are connected with the purlin by Self-tapping nails.

6. Doors and windows can be designed at anywhere which can be made into normal type, sliding type or roll up type with material of PVC, metal, alloy aluminum, sandwich| panel and so on.

Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant Characteristics:

1. Wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.

2. Low cost: Unit price range from USD35/m2 to USD70/m2 according to customers' request.

3. Fast construction and easy installation.

4. Long using life. up to 50 years.

5. Easy construction, time-saving, and labor saving

6. Flexible layout, beautiful appearances, and higher space efficiency

7. Be used as warehouses, workshops, shopping mall, dinning hall, stadium, etc.

8. Others: environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofing, and energy conserving.

How To Build A Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse?

You should give us the following data:

1)Design Data load on roof(KN/M2)  

 2.wind speed(KM/H)  

 3.snow load (KG/M2) if have

 4.earthquake load if have   

 5.crane (if have), lift height, lift capacity, 




 3.eave height 

 4.roof slope


 1.single slope OR double slope       

 2.muti slope OR single span

 3.double-span OR Multi-span        

 4.single floor OR two floors


 5m, or 6m….

5)Windows &Door




 4.PVC or aluminum

6)Column &Beam

 straight cross-section OR Variable cross-section

7)Roof & Wall Panel 

1.colorfull corrugated steel sheet   0.326~0.8mm thick ,YX28-205-820(820mm wide),

2.sandwich panel with EPS,ROCK WOOL,PU etc, insulation thickness around 30 ~300mm, 

3.sheet+glass fiber(thick 50mm~200mm)


 1.C purlin size:120~C320,Z

 2.purlin size100~Z200


 Do you need the skylight belts, Ventilators, down pipe, out gutter etc?

10)Surface Treatment

 Shot blasting with anti rust paint or hot dip galvanize

Main Steel FrameColumnQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
BeamQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
Secondary FramePurlinQ235 C and Z purlin
Knee braceQ235 Angle Steel
Tie rodQ235 Circular Steel Pipe
BraceQ235 Round Bar
Vertical&Horizontal  supportQ235 Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe
Cladding systemRoof panelEPS Sandwich Panel /  Glass Fiber Sandwich Panel /
Rock Cotton Sandwich Panel / Pu Sandwich Panel /Steel     Sheet
Wall panelsame with roof panel
AccessoriesWindowAluminium Alloy Window / PVC Window 
DoorSliding Sandwich Panel Door / Rolling Metal Door / Personal Door
Live load on RoofIn 50kg/Sqm (Color steel panel surrounded)
Wind Resistance Gradeaccording to local climate
Earthquake-resistance8 Grades
Structure UsageUp to 50 years
Finishing OptionsVast array of colors and type available
Paint OptionsAlkyd painting, two primary painting, two finish painting
(gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) Or Galvanized.
* The coated of corrugated sheet have 4 kinds: PE, SMP, HDP and PVDF. 

Process Flow
  • Cutting


  • Assembly


  • Welding


  • Straightening


  • Drilling


  • Surface Treatment

    Surface Treatment

  • Shot Blassing

    Shot Blassing

  • Painting


  • Package


Qualification Capacity

our workshop covered 30000 square meters,The production capacity is about 5,000tons steel structure per month,1000 tons of C and z purlin,3,0000 square meter sandwich panel,5,000 square meter of metal sheet per month.

  • Q1 : What is steel prefabricated house mean and made of?

    Steel prefabricated houses are made of high grade painted steel frame/structure as strong skeleton and lined with sandwich panel as wall and roof, these are pre designed and manufatured in the factory and later assembled on site.

  • Q2 : Is it safe and can suit to any kind of stringent weather conditions?

    Our houses could resistant earthquake, wind, snow, etc.

  • Q3 : Can you supply design service?

    Yes. also supply design service.

  • Q4 : What is the payment terms?

    A) T/T, 30% deposit and other payment will be payed when you receive the ocean bll. B) 100% LC at sight

  • Q5 : How long is delivery?

    Generally, the delivery time of sandwich panel is within 7 days; and 30 days for prefabricated house. The exact delivery time should depend on the quantity and confirm with factories.

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