Advantages of steel structure building
Safe and reliable
The housing with steel as the main building material has high bearing capacity per unit volume, is more stable and firm than the traditional brick wood and brick concrete technology, and has better seismic performance, wind resistance, waterproof and fire prevention performance. It also has heat insulation and sound insulation functions when used with other new materials. Steel has good ductility and can better consume the energy brought by earthquake, so it has good seismic performance and high structural safety, which ensures the safety of residence.

Short construction period
This is the difference between steel structure residence and traditional residence. The traditional brick concrete structure should consider the problem of concrete setting time, while the steel structure components are manufactured in the factory and only need to be spliced, which greatly reduces the on-site workload, shortens the construction period, reduces the impact on the surrounding residents and reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment. According to statistics, for buildings with the same area, the construction period of steel structure can be shortened by 1 / 3 than that of concrete structure, and the form-work materials can be saved.

Green environmental protection
All houses have a certain service life. Generally, the raw materials removed from the houses with brick concrete structure can not be reused, and a large amount of garbage will be produced to pollute the environment. The steel of steel structure residence can be recycled by 80% to realize recycling. It has less environmental pollution during build and demolition, which meets the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development.


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