Company exported steel structures to Africa

Company exported steel structures to Africa
Jun 26th, 2023

Recently, the price of steel structure raw materials is at an advantageous stage, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of customers for purchasing. The partners from Africa purchased a batch of steel structure warehouse building. The customer is a local steel structure builder. The standard steel structure factory building ordered this time is 100*50*12 prefabricated steel workshop.

Due to the improved investment enthusiasm of investors and the improved confidence in the market recovery after the end of the new crown epidemic, the purchase volume of customers this year reached 1 million US dollars.

During the reproduction process, we will control the quality control of steel structure materials, strictly implement production standards, communicate with customers in every detail in time, and arrange timely shipment.

Our company specializes in the production of steel structure warehouse, steel structure platforms, steel structure iron towers, and prefabricated steel structure warehouse. 

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