thickness of export steel structure products

Our company checks the film thickness of export steel structure products
Jun 26th, 2023

In view of the high cost of customers coming to China for inspection, our company conducts a comprehensive inspection of the steel structure workshop exported by the customer this time. The thickness of the paint film of H steel and the thickness of zinc layer of C steel are inspected. The zinc thickness of all galvanized components is The layer thickness must not be lower than 100 μm.


In the export, we implement high standards and high requirements for the quality of products, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. When testing the raw materials of the steel structure warehouse, we conducted real-time video with the customer to ensure that the customer's results of this inspection are true and reliable. For this Customers are very satisfied.


Our company will always be committed to satisfying customers with our steel structure products, customer service and after-sales service.

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