Construction and installation steps of steel structure factory building

Construction and installation steps of steel structure factory building -2
Sep 16th, 2023

Installation steps 6. Pull strips

After the purlins are installed, you need to install tie bars. The purpose of the tie bars is to prevent the purlins from deforming. If the purlins are deformed, nails will not be installed on the purlins when the boards are built later. The nails on the wall will not be in a straight line, which will affect the appearance.


Installation steps 7. Horizontal brace

Horizontal standards are common to factory buildings. They need to provide flexibility for beams and beams, and between wall columns and pillars. This type of wall is more difficult to install.


Installation steps 8. Gutter/drainage

Gutter sinks are mostly made of stainless steel. Exposed items are exposed to wind and rain every day. If they are not made of this material, they will easily rust. Nowadays, a gutter bracket is welded under the factory building to worry about the heavy rainfall in the early days and the heavy load of the water tank.


Installation steps 9. Maintenance

It is necessary to install roof panels and wall panels, which are generally divided into composite panels, which are 75 and 100 thick, so that the insulation will not be cold in winter and will not be exposed to the sun in summer. The nails on the wall should be straight and beautiful.

Installation steps 10. Doors, windows, water and electricity, fire retardant coatings


Installation steps 11. Completion acceptance

The last step in the installation of steel structure factory buildings is completion acceptance. According to the design drawings and construction plans, check whether the construction meets the design requirements to ensure the safety of the steel structure factory buildings.

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