Construction and installation steps of steel structure factory building

Construction and installation steps of steel structure factory building -1
Sep 15th, 2023

With the development of the steel structure industry, there are many types of steel products and their practicality has gradually improved. Therefore, steel structure workshops have been gradually used in various major industries. The parts of the steel structure factory include: embedded parts, columns, beams, purlins, supports, braces, and tiles. These parts have different purposes and can maintain the normal operation of the steel structure factory. Today, Qingdao Sincere Steel Building System Let me explain the construction and installation steps of steel structure factory building.

Installation steps1. Factory foundation

The foundation of the steel structure factory building is constructed by a professional civil engineering team. After the foundation short column steel bar binding and formwork support are completed and reinforced, the project department immediately sends professional technicians and construction personnel to embed the steel structure bolts. In order to ensure the installation quality of the superstructure, it is also necessary to work closely with the civil construction unit and check together. When pre-embedding, the position and extension length of the anchor bolts, the level and elevation of the foundation support surface, etc. must be strictly controlled.


Installation steps 2. Steel columns and steel beams

Steel columns and steel beams are processed in the factory and installed directly on site. To install steel columns, you need to find an elevation. The elevation needs to be the same size. After lifting it up according to the drawing, align the sole plate with the anchor bolts, and then secure it with screws on the spacers. Usually steel After the columns are installed, they need to be adjusted uniformly.

Installation steps 3. Tie rod 

After the columns are installed, start connecting the tie rods. They will be very secure after installation. Quickly connect the beams with tie rods. The high wall bolts on both sides will not work. Once the tie rods are connected, the protection will be better.

Installation steps 4. Navigation beam 

At present, many factories have crane beams, which are relatively simple to make. They are hoisted and placed on the corbels, and then the anchor bolts are fixed. After adjustment, the welding begins.

Installation steps 5. Purlins

Purlins are generally divided into C-shaped steel, Z-shaped steel, etc. There are requirements for the spacing between columns and the load-bearing capacity of the roof. Nowadays, factory buildings will have 8 meters or 12 meters. If the spacing is too large, Z-shaped or C-shaped steel can be used instead. The roof purlins are usually lifted up by a crane, and then the workers spread out the eight purlins and then fasten the screws.

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