Several questions for steel structure warehouse construction

Several questions for steel structure warehouse construction
Aug 14th, 2023

When many customers directly ask the price of the steel structure, there should be no company that can directly quote the price to the customer, which will cause a bad impression on the customer.

Many customers think that the company just doesn't quote on purpose, and think that I just want a standard factory price, why is it so troublesome, can't I just give me a copy according to the previous one? The fact is not like this, please listen to me tell the client:

1. Each prefabricated steel warehouse has its own configuration, such as the layout of doors and windows, and the adoption of maintenance panels, which will affect the price of steel structure workshops.

2. The local snow load and wind load will affect our selection of steel structure raw material sections, so that the price gap caused by different materials will be too large.

3. Whether there are 2 floors inside the steel workshop, and whether there is a mobile crane, so that the factory building can be settled once and for all, and will not affect the use of your factory building during your follow-up development.

Steel structure processing workshop - 1

During the negotiation with the company, you can be a little more patient. I believe that every company wants to provide customers with good solutions to meet their needs. Of course, customers may also be anxious, but spending a few more minutes can help you Why not get a better and reasonable steel structure design?

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