The advantage of steel structure - 2

The advantage of steel structure - 2
Jul 28th, 2023

5. The construction speed is quite fast, and the construction period is at least one-third lower than that of the traditional housing system management. A 1,000-square-meter building can be completed in only 20 days and five employees.


6. The effect of ecological environment protection is particularly good. During the construction of steel structure residential buildings, the amount of sand, stone, and ash is greatly reduced. The common raw materials are usually green, 100% recycled or melted raw materials. When the project is disassembled, most of the raw materials can be replaced or melted, which is not easy cause waste.


7. To be flexible and rich. Large net width plan design, indoor space design suggests multi-plan division, which can be customized according to different requirements.


8. Conform to the relevant regulations of construction industrialization and current international relations. The steel structure is suitable for mass production in the factory, with high intelligent technology, and can integrate advanced products such as energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof, heat insulation, doors and windows, etc. The application of mechanical equipment integrates scheme design, production processing, and building construction. Improve the level of the entire industrial chain of infrastructure projects.

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