The advantage of steel structure - 1

The advantage of steel structure - 1
Jul 25th, 2023

1. Compared with ancient Chinese buildings, steel structure residences can take into account the relevant regulations on the flexible separation of medium and clear widths in engineering projects, and can increase the utilization rate of the occupied area by reducing the area occupied by column sections and applying light wall panels , The standard usable area in the room is increased by about 6%.


2. The actual effect of energy saving and environmental protection is particularly good. The walls are made of light, energy-saving and environmentally friendly standardized C-shaped steel, galvanized square steel, and rock wool color steel plate. 50% energy saving and environmental protection,


3. Using the steel structure system management for residential buildings can make full use of the steel structure's good plasticity and strong plastic deformation ability, and has high-quality building earthquake resistance and impact resistance, which further improves the safety and reliability of housing. Especially in the case of natural disasters and super typhoon disasters, steel structures can prevent building collapse damage.


4. The total weight of the construction project, the steel structure residential system management itself is lighter, about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the basic project budget.

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