steel structure functional factories

steel structure functional factories
Sep 14th, 2023

Traditional site-built factories and steel structure functional factories differ mainly in the following aspects:

Ⅰ. Load-bearing capacity: Traditional site-built factories rely mainly on the load-bearing capacity of walls and columns, while steel structure functional factories are composed of load-bearing steel components. This means that traditional site-built factories are more suitable for low-rise buildings, while steel structure factories are suitable for high-rise buildings.

Ⅱ.Construction method: The construction of traditional site-built factories involves the process of casting concrete, requiring a large number of formwork and support structures. On the other hand, steel structure functional factories are constructed through assembly of steel components that are welded or connected with bolts. This approach allows for faster construction of steel structure factories and requires less on-site work.

Ⅲ.Space utilization: Space utilization is more flexible in steel structure functional factories because their steel components can be easily disassembled and rearranged, facilitating the adjustment of spatial layout. Space utilization in traditional site-built factories is relatively fixed and difficult to adjust.

Ⅳ.Environmental friendliness: Steel structure functional factories produce less noise and dust during construction and have a smaller impact on the surrounding environment. In contrast, traditional site-built factories produce greater noise and dust during construction and have a greater impact on the surrounding environment.

Ⅴ.Cost: In the initial stages of construction, traditional site-built factories may have a lower cost than steel structure functional factories. However, in the long run, steel structure functional factories have lower maintenance costs due to the durability and fire resistance of steel, as well as its ability to be recycled and reused, thereby saving significant maintenance costs.

In summary, traditional site-built factories and steel structure functional factories differ in terms of load-bearing capacity, construction method, space utilization, environmental friendliness, and cost. It is necessary to choose a suitable construction method based on specific needs and actual circumstances.

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